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Blue Note Records Collaboration | Jacques Marie Mage

The BLUE NOTE RECORDS Collection by Jacques Marie Mage is a special series of collectible, limited-edition eyewear conceived as a celebration of one of the most prolific and influential jazz labels in the history of modern music. Releasing over 1,000 albums during its 80-year lifetime, the label is well-respected for its role in the development of various styles of bop and avant-garde jazz, as well as for its iconic, modernist art direction. This unique collaboration is a homage to the creative legacies of such jazz giants as Thelonious Monk, Sonny Rollins, Herbie Hancock, and so many other important artists who at one time or another called Blue Note home.

The HERBIE are limited edition glasses that will bring fresh life to the original frames worn by the Jazz artist, carefully designed to reflect the essence of the style while skillfully reinterpreting it through a modern lens.

Available at Wink Optics soon...
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Wink Optics has procured a select few colorways of FGBP.2020 that have been sold out. Call, email, or DM us via instagram if you are interested to fill them in your prescription or purchase!

Fear of God is an American fashion label based in Los Angeles, by Jerry Lorenzo. Started from the top and continuing the hussle, Lorenzo's luxury line has blossomed since it's conception in 2012. To have one of the most cult-followed brands collaborating with Barton Perreira is just what the sunglass world needed. The effortless natural earth tone hues with light gradient wash lenses completes any wardrobe. The frame shape Lorenzo was influenced by was none other than a Barton Perreira optical glasses he wears in his everyday design process.

"Fear of God taps into iconic American subcultures and touchstones such as the varsity athlete, the high school garage band and California skate culture for its visual language, Fear of God takes cues from these sect’s staples to inform pieces that have a familiar and almost reverential feel to them."

“I’m thrilled to be working with Jerry Lorenzo on this collaboration. Barton Perreira and Fear of God are two iconic brands that embody the Los Angeles spirit, which made coming together as one a seamless journey. I have great admiration and respect for Jerry’s vision. It has been a pleasure collaborating with him on glasses and helping him share his eyewear point of view to the world.”


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Jacques Marie Mage x George Cortina Dealan

George Cortina, an editor and stylist at large who is fully engrossed in fashion, has teamed up with Jerome Mage for the latest collaboration with Jacques Marie Mage. If you've flipped through GQ's recent editorials with Daniel Craig, Brad Pitt, Keanu Reeves, you will notice Jacques Marie Mage sunglasses sprinkled in.
This latest collaboration with both Cortina and Mage is fresh look of the iconic DEALAN. Cortina and Mage they took the “Dealan,” which is modeled after the famous pair of glasses the singer-songwriter toured with in the mid-60s, and stripped it down to its essence, creating a pure black frame (no lamination) that includes as few details as possible—not even the signature arrowhead hardware that has embellished the style since JMM first produced it in 2015.
Wink Optics is happy to announce that we have procured #5/250 and #33/250 of this collaboration. We can fill them with your customized prescription.
Call us at 415-456-7297 or email us at
Order yours HERE

- Subtle cat-eye, rectangular frame
- 18k gold tension-secured custom hinge with spur-shaped rivets
- 18k gold domed 3D metal cameo logo
- 18k gold engraved George Cortina's signature
- 6 base CR39 lens w/ backside anti-reflective treatment
- 100% UV protection
LENS: Light Blue CR39






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Jacques Marie Mage x Nick Fouquet PCH 87/100

Jacques Marie Mage PCH in color Green


Jerome Mage and Nick Fouquet teamed up to design the latest collaboration from Jacques Marie Mage: PCH (Pacific Coast Highway). This exclusive sunglass (87/100 to be exact) is a classic aviator shape with a gradient lens that Nick describes as "the sunrise and sunset I see every morning on my way to work." Frank and I are happy to announce that we have one of the PCH available at Wink Optics, one of one hundred to ever be made!! 

The PCH comes with the iconic Jacques Marie Mage burgundy box, certificate, Italian-handcrafted leather case, oversized cleaning cloth featuring hand-drawn sketches by Mr. Fouquet, and it's own letterhead press certificate with limited edition serial number and craftsmen signature, hand-painted and sewn by Nick Fouquet.

The sunglass is a classic aviator shape, unisex and considered large.






Ours has been sold, please stay tuned for new collaborations Jerome has in store!

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Bond 25 and Vuarnet Sunglass must have!

Bond 25, due out in April 2020 has already garnered a lot of buzz in regards to the ending chapter of Daniel Craig as James Bond. With new cast members and a new plot there’s been endless chatter about what to expect. One thing that cannot go unnoticed is 007’s style and what he’s been seen wearing. What we’re most excited about is Daniel Craig wearing the legend Vuarnet sunglass! He was seen wearing this frame on the set of 007 in Jamaica. This iconic Vuarnet sunglass has the brownlynx lens which can be used for many activities like driving, everyday city day wear, golf and even on the mountain. Daniel Craig owns his own Vuarnet sunglass and we’re happy to see it be on the big screen! Get your Vuarnet sunglasses with us today and find out what he’s wearing by checking out @WhatisDanielWearing and @TheBondExperience for his day-to-day outerwear.


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Vuarnet Nightlynx lens!

Vuarnet Nightlynx

 We all know the tune “I wear my sunglasses at night” but did you know that Vuarnet created a new lynx lens to benefit those who have trouble seeing clearly at low light conditions? That’s right! The Vuarnet lens is called Nightlynx. It is made with Vuarnet iconic glass lens for optimal acuity as well with the silver bigradient mirror the lynx lens is known for.

 The Vuarnet Nightlynx lens has 100% UV, and protects from blue light that can be harmful. Glare is reduced while enhancing the contrasts and the perception of distances. The Vuarnet Nightlynx also has a multilayer antireflective coating with is essential with low light use.

 Vuarnet Nightlynx lens can be found in the vintage model 02 and 03 sunglass as well as lifestyle models like the District, Tom and Swing.


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Vuarnet: Choosing your sunglasses!

Vuarnet has been designing sunglasses since 1957. Handmade in France in Meaux, their lenses are 100% mineral. Each Vuarnet glass is engraved with the "V" which guarantees its authenticity. Vuarnet sunglasses are equipped with polarized or Lynx® technologies that assure you the highest levels of precision protection and durability. For the most part, each Vuarnet sunglass is suitable for all uses, but some will provide you with particular benefits. It's up to you to choose the one that will make you see life in Vuarnet! There are four key lenses that Vuarnet uses that we will go over.

Blue Lenses:

Thanks to the polarized technology, Vuarnet blue lenses are particularly suitable for the sea and nautical activities. They prevent glare and reverberation on the water. They are also perfect for driving by removing unwanted reflections. The Vuarnet blue lens can come as Blue Polar or Blue Polarlynx. Blue polar lenses are 100% UV proctected, have a 90% Infa red filtration. Filtration of visible light is 87% and it even protects from blue light with 86%. 

Vuarnet Blue Polarlynx:

Vuarnet blue polarlynx lenses have a bigradient silver mirror. This is a staple for Vuarnet. Blue Polarlynx lenses have similar lens protections are the blue polar: 



Vuarnet Brown lenses:

Vuarnet brown lenses are suitable for all types of uses ie sports, golf, extreme conditions. They offer a very warm color perception and enhanced depth perception. If you have sensitive eyes, we recommend our category 4 brown lenses, the Eclipse. There are seven types of brown lenses, three of them with mirrored lenses.



Vuarnet Grey Lens:

Vuarnet grey lenses are ideal for all activities, call it a universal lens. These multi-use lenses are protective, provide high-resolution precision and allow you to view the natural colors around you with crisp optical clarity. Vuarnet has a total of 12 grey based lenses, 9 of which are polarized.


Vuarnet Yellow Lenses:

The Vuarnet Skilynx lenses are designed for skiing and golfing, they offer high contrasted vision and deliver enhanced depth perception even on snowy days. The new Vuarnet yellow Nightlynx lenses are specifically designed for driving at night and in foggy weather.



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100% of Vintage Vuarnet in your prescription

We are proud to service you with Vuarnet and in YOUR prescription! Every model with the exclusion of Glacier XL can be customized with your prescription! Whether you prefer a Vuarnet style suited for sport, a more urban model or one of our iconic sunglasses, we offer over 200 styles for you to choose from. Once you have made your choice, the Vuarnet production facility in Meaux France will custom make it for you and have it ready within a few weeks. What are you waiting for? Visit us today to get your Vuarnet sunglasses customized in your prescription! Wink Optics is a Gold RX member for Vuarnet, which means we are able to answer any question you have regarding Vuarnet and which lens suits you best.

623 San Anselmo Avenue
San Anselmo CA 94960 
70 Throckmorton Avenue
Mill Valley CA 94941


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Vintage Vuarnet in your Favorite Films


Halloween is fast approaching, and with that are all the Google searches for costumes that need an essential prop to bring a character alive.  For those who love films, what is the best way to replicate Jeff Bridges in The Big Lebowski?  You would need: a bathrobe, flip-flops and the iconic Vuarnet sunglass, the 03.  The Vuarnet sunglass, 03, now nick named as “The Dude” is what makes the costume come to life.  Once the holiday passes you are left with the best mineral lens in the market and quality craftsmanship from France.  The Vuarnet 03 has also made an appearance in Wes Anderson’s The Royal Tenenbaum’s as worn by Richie Tenenbaum.
Vuarnet Glacier sunglasses have also been in Spectre worn by Daniel Craig and The Everest by Jake Gylenhaal. The Vuarnet Glacier is not only a movie blockbuster piece, but also is the part of the Vuarnet DNA. The Vuarnet Glacier, originally designed in the 70s, has unique and high-tech design with its removable leather side shields have made them an iconic style. Vuarnet Glacier sunglasses are available in 13 colors, with polarized or non polarized lenses.



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Vuarnet for kids available now!

Did you know that up to 80% of the UV damage to your children’s eyes happen before the age of 18?  How can you help reduce that?  Well, now at our brick and mortar location we offer Vuarnet Kids!  Vuarnet kids sunglasses come equipped with 100% UVA/UVB polycarbonate lenses.  Polycarbonate lenses in the Vuarnet kids have the highest degree of protection to keep your child's eyes out of harm's way while providing clear, comfortable vision.  Polycarbonate lenses in the Vuarnet kids sunglasses are 10 times more impact-resistant than glass or regular plastic lenses, and they exceed the FDA's impact resistance requirements by more than 40 times!

For these reasons, you can rest easy knowing your child's eyes are safe behind Vuarnet kid's polycarbonate lenses.   Vuarnet Kids sunglasses come in three catagories.  Ages 0-3 years, 3-6 years, 6-12 years, the models are specially designed to fit the faces of children or petite faces.  Vuarnet kid's sunglasses are flexible, comfortable and equipped with an adjustable removable headband that allows support in all circumstances, so there’s no excuse to protect those developing eyes!  Find the full collection in top selling colors at our San Anselmo location today!


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