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Vuarnet Vintage 03


Created in the 60s, the 03 model became a legend with the film, “The Big Lebowski” from the Coen brothers. They were worn by Jeff Bridges in the movie, as he played the character “The Dude.”
The Vuarnet 03 was inspired by the style of US air force pilots, with its straight lines and Xl squared shape! Change up how you style your Vuarnet 03 with it's easy to remove insert! It features the Vuarnet Logo that will turn heads of sunglass connoisseurs. 
Fully customize your Vuarnet 03 by by adding your prescription! Authentic Vuarnet sunglasses lenses are available in your prescription. The Vuarnet 03 collection is available in both single vision or progressive lenses. Vuarnet prescription sunglasses are all produced using mineral glass. Each Vuarnet lens, including prescription, is engraved with the V on ski symbol. Thanks to the exclusive treatments applied to it's mineral glass lenses, Vuarnet corrective sunglasses offer you the best vision, highest clarity and the best protection! Vuarnet's mineral glass lenses in your prescription are handmade in France, their factory located in Meaux close to Paris.
  • Model for men suitable for large faces
  • Frame made in nylon is exclusive to VUARNET. It’s extremely resistant and supple, with shape memory for optimal comfort
  • Moveable insert in the bridge
  • Integrated monobloc hinges
  • Made in France
  • Shape: Rectangular
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Lindberg's N.O.W Collection Has a New Color!

Lindberg's N.O.W Titanium collection is a unique combination of remarkably thin composite material and ultra-lightweight titanium, but never it never strays from their minimalist, architectural ethos. This collection is highly customizable, with more than 20 exclusive translucent colors for frame fronts, as well as many options for temple styles and colors, creating a totally bespoke eyeglass experience. 

They have recently come out with a new frame front color, color 21. Color 21 is a beautiful, peachy-toned champagne. It is a subtle, warm translucent shade that perfectly compliments the minimalism of the frame styles. Come in to Wink Optics in Mill Valley and San Anselmo to try on Lindberg's N.O.W Titanium collection in their new champagne tone, as well their many other gorgeous polished transparent colors.


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Barton Perreira's New Absinthe Color

Absinthe is an anise-flavored spirit with a very high alcohol content, typically 45-74%. Absinthe was immensely popular in Europe, and is known best for its vibrant green color, and its supposed hallucinogenic properties. Absinthe was illegal in the United States for nearly 100 years, until 2007. It was the drink of choice for many famous artists and writers such as Pablo Picasso, Oscar Wilde, Ernest Hemingway, Vincent van Gogh, Lord Byron, Edgar Allen Poe and many others. Barcelona's Bar Marsella opened in 1820, and served absinthe to many of the city's famous residents, including Gaudí, van Gogh, Picasso, and Hemingway.

Absinthe's association with the bohemian lifestyle and with many legendary creatives inspired Barton Perreira's designer Patty Perreira to create their new absinthe color in both a shiny and a matte finish. Barton Perreira's classic Americana styles look incredible in this translucent green hue. Check out of few of the styles from Barton Perreira in this amazing absinthe color below.

Barton Perreira Coltrane Sun in Absinthe

Barton Perreira Blake (46) in Absinthe

Barton Perreira Redding in Matte Absinthe

Barton Perreira Huncke in Matte Absinthe


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Nothing says Vuarnet like the Vuarnet Glacier and Vuarnet Glacier XL. These two easy-to-recognize and characteristically Vuarnet sunglasses feature their signature leather side shields meant to surround the user’s eyes in complete sun protection. Although designed for daylong downhill French Alpines skiing, the Vuarnet Glacier make a great lifestyle sunglass as well. Thanks to their complete protection from the sun, from both the sky and reflections off the ground (as nearly all Vuarnet Glaciers come with a Vuarnet Lynx lens featuring a mirror both above and below for that exact purpose), they make a great pair to wear while walking around town for all occasions especially driving.
Our favorite part about the Vuarnet Glacier is their unique style and unrivaled build quality that now features a mix of high quality acetate and titanium in the latest models. The side shields are crafted out of genuine leather as well. This comes as no surprise considering the Vuarnet Glacier has been around since Vuarnet started in 1957, being designed specifically for Jean Vuarnet the Olympic skier himself.
Vuarnet Glaciers are seen as an iconic piece to the start of the brand and are still worn till this day! Men and women enjoy the clarity from the Vuarnet Glacier.
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Barton Perreira's 10th Anniversary

Barton Perreira was founded in 2007 by Patty Perreira and Bill Barton, the former designer and president of Oliver Peoples respectively. Barton Perreira is known for their classic, but edgy and unique design. Barton Perreira have maintained their independence since their inception, wanting full creative control and oversight over the quality of materials and manufacturing processes. 

For their tenth anniversary, Barton Perreira has created a collection of stunning sunglass and optical frame styles in a variety of colors and patterns. All of the styles are engraved with "BPX" to honor their decade as Barton Perreira.

Check out a few of Barton Perreira's anniversary styles below. In order: Fortuna, Chevalier, Blake (46), Nina



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Jean Vuarnet won the Olympic Winter Games in 1960 with the 02, the first creation of Vuarnet! Did you know that they now come in new colors? Vuarnet offers the iconic sunglasses in a refreshing crystal version combined with our different flash lenses. Update the classic Vuarnet sunglass with a modern twist! Vuarnet is happy to offer it’s renowned mineral glass lens which was been worn by sunglass lovers across the globe. Get your new Vuarnet in all colors!


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VUARNET Sunglasses: All about the lenses!




  • The VUARNET sunglasses filter 100% of UV (UVA,UVB, UVC) and provides up to 99% protection against Blue Light also known as HEV (High Energy Visible Light), one of the most aggressive lights in the visible spectrum.
  • The VUARNET sunglass aesthetic and technical signature, a mirror double gradient-tinted coating, guarantees maximum protection against glare and reflections
  • VUARNET sunglass lenses are the only in the world designed to absorb up to 94% of infrared, protecting your eyes from irritating dryness and heat.
  • VUARNET sunglass lenses also benefit from an anti-reflection treatment on the internal face, eliminating all unwanted reflections.




  • Vuarnet sunglasses are made from mineral glass lenses, which are naturally scratch resistant even against the most aggressive circumstances, like keys in your bag.
  • Vuarnet sunglasses are also shock resistant as a result of a safety treatment by chemical tempering.





  • VUARNET sunglasses guarantee no chromatic distortion and vision in high definition
  • VUARNET sunglasses provide exceptional clarity, producing sharper vision in comparison to plastic materials 
  • All cameras, microscopes and telescopes requiring the best optical precision are all equipped with mineral lenses like Vuarnet sunglasses.
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