Blue Note Records Collaboration | Jacques Marie Mage

Blue Note Records Collaboration | Jacques Marie Mage

The BLUE NOTE RECORDS Collection by Jacques Marie Mage is a special series of collectible, limited-edition eyewear conceived as a celebration of one of the most prolific and influential jazz labels in the history of modern music. Releasing over 1,000 albums during its 80-year lifetime, the label is well-respected for its role in the development of various styles of bop and avant-garde jazz, as well as for its iconic, modernist art direction. This unique collaboration is a homage to the creative legacies of such jazz giants as Thelonious Monk, Sonny Rollins, Herbie Hancock, and so many other important artists who at one time or another called Blue Note home.

The HERBIE are limited edition glasses that will bring fresh life to the original frames worn by the Jazz artist, carefully designed to reflect the essence of the style while skillfully reinterpreting it through a modern lens.

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