Vuarnet: Choosing your sunglasses!

Vuarnet: Choosing your sunglasses!

Vuarnet has been designing sunglasses since 1957. Handmade in France in Meaux, their lenses are 100% mineral. Each Vuarnet glass is engraved with the "V" which guarantees its authenticity. Vuarnet sunglasses are equipped with polarized or Lynx® technologies that assure you the highest levels of precision protection and durability. For the most part, each Vuarnet sunglass is suitable for all uses, but some will provide you with particular benefits. It's up to you to choose the one that will make you see life in Vuarnet! There are four key lenses that Vuarnet uses that we will go over.

Blue Lenses:

Thanks to the polarized technology, Vuarnet blue lenses are particularly suitable for the sea and nautical activities. They prevent glare and reverberation on the water. They are also perfect for driving by removing unwanted reflections. The Vuarnet blue lens can come as Blue Polar or Blue Polarlynx. Blue polar lenses are 100% UV proctected, have a 90% Infa red filtration. Filtration of visible light is 87% and it even protects from blue light with 86%. 

Vuarnet Blue Polarlynx:

Vuarnet blue polarlynx lenses have a bigradient silver mirror. This is a staple for Vuarnet. Blue Polarlynx lenses have similar lens protections are the blue polar: 



Vuarnet Brown lenses:

Vuarnet brown lenses are suitable for all types of uses ie sports, golf, extreme conditions. They offer a very warm color perception and enhanced depth perception. If you have sensitive eyes, we recommend our category 4 brown lenses, the Eclipse. There are seven types of brown lenses, three of them with mirrored lenses.



Vuarnet Grey Lens:

Vuarnet grey lenses are ideal for all activities, call it a universal lens. These multi-use lenses are protective, provide high-resolution precision and allow you to view the natural colors around you with crisp optical clarity. Vuarnet has a total of 12 grey based lenses, 9 of which are polarized.


Vuarnet Yellow Lenses:

The Vuarnet Skilynx lenses are designed for skiing and golfing, they offer high contrasted vision and deliver enhanced depth perception even on snowy days. The new Vuarnet yellow Nightlynx lenses are specifically designed for driving at night and in foggy weather.