March - March Madness Sale


Our annual March Madness sale is coming up! For the complete month of March, most of the store will be up to 50% off (excluding Jacques Marie Mage and Jacques Durand) in store only. Can't wait that long? Come by and take a peek at our clearance section as we make room for new eyeglasses and sunglasses for 2024! 


April - Matsuda


In the 1960s, Mitsuhiro Matsuda experimented with the deconstruction of western design through his study of traditional Japanese fashion. Matsuda created pieces that evoke a profound connection with the past – playfully innovative with a touch of European romance. Inspired by Gothic architecture, Victorian art, and American jazz, Matsuda opened the door for an international, avant-garde wave of new design steeped in cultural heritage, designed for tomorrow. Matsuda is made in Japan, unrivaled artistry, innovative design, and a drive for creative exploration for over five decades.

May - Vuarnet

Don't you dare go skiing in Tahoe without Vuarnet sunglasses! Since 1957 Roger Pouilloux, passionate by ski, revolutionized the sunglasses world by inventing an exceptional glass, able to both protect him on slopes and provide a clear vision of the relief in overcast weather. Every style and every color will be available to take home and you can also customize them with your prescription! Mineral glass and the etched V with the ski logo just like it's always been! 


July - Barton Perreira 

Barton Perreira is a luxury designer eyewear brand that has been revered across the industry, featured in the world’s leading retailers, and celebrated for artistry and innovations in every collection. Barton Perreira was born out of independence and intuition. In this industry, freedom is unprecedented, and it’s what allows Barton Perreira to show the world a more beautiful view.


October - Jacques Marie Mage

Jacques Marie Mage is a maker of rare, collectible spectacles that combine historical motifs with precious materials, as well as innovative production methods and ethical business practices. Founded in 2014, by Jerome Jacques Marie Mage, the mission is to create rarefied experiences that elevate the senses.

Our design practice is inextricably informed by the cultural revolutions of the last three centuries, drawing encouragement and inspiration from the great epics and anti-heroes of our collective histories. We attempt to observe, reconstruct, and re-tell these stories via products that maintain the high standards of quality and taste upheld by our progenitors.