Vintage Vuarnet in your Favorite Films


Halloween is fast approaching, and with that are all the Google searches for costumes that need an essential prop to bring a character alive.  For those who love films, what is the best way to replicate Jeff Bridges in The Big Lebowski?  You would need: a bathrobe, flip-flops and the iconic Vuarnet sunglass, the 03.  The Vuarnet sunglass, 03, now nick named as “The Dude” is what makes the costume come to life.  Once the holiday passes you are left with the best mineral lens in the market and quality craftsmanship from France.  The Vuarnet 03 has also made an appearance in Wes Anderson’s The Royal Tenenbaum’s as worn by Richie Tenenbaum.
Vuarnet Glacier sunglasses have also been in Spectre worn by Daniel Craig and The Everest by Jake Gylenhaal. The Vuarnet Glacier is not only a movie blockbuster piece, but also is the part of the Vuarnet DNA. The Vuarnet Glacier, originally designed in the 70s, has unique and high-tech design with its removable leather side shields have made them an iconic style. Vuarnet Glacier sunglasses are available in 13 colors, with polarized or non polarized lenses.